In 1902, Willis Haviland Carrier created the first operational air conditioning system. It effectively removed heat and humidity for one very happy customer -- a Brooklyn printing plant owner.

How your air conditioning system works:

First, a belt powers the system by compressing, pressurizing and pumping the refrigerant through the A/C system. Then, refrigerant is pushed through a valve where pressure and temperature are reduced. Next, the cooled refrigerant travels through the evaporator and is blown into your vehicle. Finally, the refrigerant returns to the compressor -- and the cycle begins all over again.

When your air conditioning system does not work:

Our aim is to get you back to your comfort zone, so we look at a number of things in the A/C system.

  • We check the A/C compressor drive belt for cracks or damage
  • We check any accessible A/C components for leaks or damage
  • We check how components are operating, such as the A/C compressor
  • We evacuate refrigerant from your A/C system
  • We vacuum test your system
  • We recharge the A/C system with refrigerant (according to the vehicle manufacturer's specifications)

 Serpentine Belt Replacement

Sometimes an A/C problem can stem from the serpentine belt. This belt sends power from the engine to operate various engine components, such as the alternator and water pump. One other component that it operates is the air conditioner compressor. If needed, we will visually inspect your serpentine belt, remove the old belt and install a new one.

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